With almost 50 years of independent farming experience, the founder of JJ Agri Service, Darrell Egli has established a cutting edge farming practices that maximize yields, reduce soil loss, improve compaction issues, and increase the profitability per acre of farmland. Darrell’s family farm is located just 30 minutes south of Iowa City, IA just east of Hwy 218 at Crawfordsville, IA.  Over this time, JJ Agri Service has worked with some of the leading experts in agricultural through the US and world to find the best solutions for our customers. JJ Agri Service utilizes, soil chemistry analysis, equipment modifications, hybrid selection, and nutrient application timing and selection to help their customers maximize their profitability. JJ Agri Service is representative of AgNations Panhandler Soil Penetrant, YieldPlus Starter Fertilizer, , Nutra-Flo, and Agri Gro products. They also work with Planter equipment from Moeller Ag Equipment to help each grower with their specific needs.  Through the use of innovative products from these suppliers producers are growing higher quality, better yielding crops while lowering their production costs and dependence on chemical inputs. The products that JJ Agri Service offer, have been researched by the United States Department of Agriculture and numerous state universities to perform as claimed. Simply stated, JJ Agri Service can make sure that each user, with the right information can deliver what fertilizer, physical tillage and the best seed genetics alone cannot.